Altrosa Rose - - Nature
Schneetreiben - Acrylic on Canvas - Humans - Realism
Wolken rot-gelb - Acrylic on Canvas - Sunset
vogesenblick - Acrylic on Canvas - Landscape - Classical
The Vogesenblick I painted for my husband. His ancestors came from Alsace and he love this view of the mountains. I found it interesting in these dark mountains out more details to work and then to put these...
Schänzletreppe im Winter - Acrylic on Canvas - Nature - Realism
löwenzahnwiese--- - Acrylic on Canvas - Landscape - Realism
The picture is the beginning of a series Wiesbaden. In the summer I was fascinated by a dandelion meadow in the neighbor's garden, in the sun bathed the young daughter. I have not seen with dandelion long...
Thüringer Wald - Acrylic on Canvas - Landscape - Classical
I grew up in the Thuringian Forest and have this wonderful woodland deep in the light my heart. I just wanted to paint times. It's like when I walk around in the woods and all intense look. A caress of...
welkende Rose - Acrylic - Roses - Realism
Meeresglitzern - Acrylic on Canvas - Nature
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