Golden love - Artwork Details

Golden love - Frithjof Schulte (Room setting (c), (c)


I was inspiriered from the single golden love. Golden Love "is the fifth single from New Zealand tied Midnight Youth â„¢ s debut album, The Brave Don t Run. The song which featured on the season finale of U.S. drama One Tree Hill in mid-2010. Jeremy Redmore, the lead singer of Midnight Youth, originally wrote and recorded? Golden Love? as a Christmas present for members of his family. The Following Following year the band re-recorded the song For Their album. Mix encaustic / pen on paper 30cm x 40cm drawing with pen and then colored with beewax I used beewax and hotair, iron, soldering and all, what wax can smelt Under Encaustic painting refers to the rediscovery of a 5, 000 year old Egyptian Wachsmalkunst and the conversion to a new creative form of painting. The wax is today in this modern method of encaustic painting melted including the bottom surface of an iron or similar device with hot air and spread across the painting surface. More presentations at: / people / frithjof / frithjofs / ar

Artwork details

  • invaluable
  • Size:
  • Width 30 cm
  • Height 40 cm
  • Type:
  • Encaustic
  • Chalk
  • Surface:
  • Paper