Frithjof Schulte, born 1944 in Detmold, fully reflects the unconventional role of nature and people in our high technology media company, in which man is increasingly stripped of his identity and traditional social bond.
Seen from the theoretical point of view, however, this seems a difficult task. In practice - that is, in the view of the exhibits - it's not as Frithjof Schulte does not occupy the position of the moralist, but creates his works subtle and complex:
On one hand, his encaustic pictures fascinated by the use of liquid beeswax, the possible range and precision to the Viewers of this 3000 year old, not yet fully exploited medium and long instruments in mind. Another confrontation modern digital photography with the thousand-year old technique called encaustic Frithjof Schulte Photo Caustic.
On the other hand, the image content, the viewer has immediate landscape, as they divorced strange, surreal, abstract, but some times, l, is represented very real for wax painting.
Frithjof Schulte approaches the subject Encaustic Painting since 2000, without being forced into a mold. For all his pictures the viewer bubbles against the power of vivid colors. His high-energy images radiate through the room with pure joy, optimism, but also with a hint of sadness and melancholy.
Achieved in February 2004, immediately before an international audience, all twenty works presented rave reviews and high acclaim.
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