Simonetta Vespucci ... - Artwork Details

Simonetta Vespucci ... - Frithjof Schulte (Room setting (c), (c)


... was in 1450 as the most beautiful woman of Florence and inspired in the Italian Renaissance and Sandro Botticelli to his famous' work "The Birth of Venus ". (You know ... with the clam :) I thought to myself, how would she today, under contemporary circumstances, look like as a teen. But she has a sad mood. Encaustic / pen on plastic plate afterwards digitally remastered. Under Encaustic painting refers to the rediscovery of a 5, 000 year old Egyptian Wachsmalkunst and the conversion to a new creative form of painting. The wax is today in this modern method of encaustic painting melted including the bottom surface of an iron or similar device with hot air and spread across the painting surface. More presentations at: / people / frithjof / frithjofs / ar

Artwork details

  • invaluable
  • Size:
  • Width 97 cm
  • Height 72 cm
  • Type:
  • Encaustic
  • Mixed Media
  • Digital Art
  • Surface:
  • Lightboard
  • Motive:
  • Women
  • Faces