Brunswick native reflects its feelings through colors. He has not studied art, but continued his education through workshops, lectures and other similar events. other artists over the shoulders.
Images that present themselves to the viewer again and again and therefore can not be bored, that is the goal of Bernd Lauer. He is a city alive with the brilliance and color variety.
For 2 years he got to know the inexhaustible possibilities of digitization. He created based on his paintings and photographs of new modern works which are extravagantly presented on carriers such as aluminum Dibond us or acrylic / plexiglass.
Bernd Lauer painting and his art lives on a farm in the Osnabrück country with chickens, horses, dogs and cats. However, at home he is in the beautiful Isernhagen (SC Hanover)
Especially the artist was happy koku2012 on the appeal to the international art exhibition. Over 300 artists from around the world show their works here in April. www.koku.jimbo.d