artHawk • Ralf ,  KnappMy artist name
(Read arthook)
art (English for Art)
hawk (English for falcon)
to hawk "engl. peddle" :-)
The Falcon is an Indian totem
21, March - 19 April (Aries).
Falcon infants are said to be full of ideas looking after deployment. You want to achieve with their enthusiasm new projects.
Since May 2010, an independent media designers ...
The confrontation with the Acylmalerei gives me the opportunity to let my creativity run wild. This type of painting gives me the opportunity on different ways to give rise structures. In the structures then I search for images, so my subconscious is taking the lead in the ideal case. The result is an image that contains a lot of me. Interestingly, the interpretations are different for each viewer. A way to detect that our experiences influence our perception. Our world is often just as you were taught, how it should be. There is more than one reality and that must be so