In my Freitzeit I am passionate about hobby painter, but also make sculptures of been a pleasure.

I love animals, nature, landscape, foreign countries, the beach and the sea, and just life. Often it's the little things, such as of a sunset or moments in nature that delight me and then me inspiration for new ideas.

I have always painted, already in infancy,
was safe from me, no pen or brush. Each paper until later
the exercise book was painted what so many teachers did not please.

In recent years, I paint preferably with oil, coal, oil pastels or acrylics, sometimes I like to work here also with copper, sand, stones or pearls.

The pictures are often in multiple layers and with different structures. The sculptures are made from different materials such as plaster and bricks and then painted.

For special people I've painted desire preparations, which were bright-eyed, for me the greatest joy and the greatest thanks.

A big thank you to always support to my family and friends my hobby.

I will gladly answer your questions and look forward to reading your messages.