Dear visitor,
I am very pleased about your interest in my paintings and drawings. I am a professional portrait painter and art from the resin. My works have been in numerous solo and group exhibitions.
Here, in this virtual exhibition is only a small part of the wide variety of themes of my work.
More about me and my art, please visit: http://www.svetlanas-galerie.de
Hereby I would like to take the opportunity to show my art on this platform and they take you into the colorful world of art painting.
Have fun and good time looking at the pictures!
Svetlana tailor your wishes
HP. For your comments and remarks I would like to thank very sincerely

artwork - Martin-Luther-Kirche in Ober-Oker, Goslar
artwork - Frische der Nacht (Goslar, Breites Tor)
artwork - Berlin,  Fernsehturm & Alexanderplatz.
artwork - Blume im Zeitfluss
artwork - Heimkehr
artwork - Rosenblüte mit Tautropfen