Svetlana SchneiderSince my childhood I have been entrusted with the art. I was (former Soviet Union), born in Dushanbe, in Russian-German family. At age 11, I attended the art school for gifted children. Then was the 4-year-olds study course at the Art College, where I earned the diploma with distinction as an art educator.
Mostly I worked in the techniques of oil, pastel, and watercolor painting. I create portraits with charcoal or pastels. For portraits, I prefer the realistic representation like drawing and the person so vivid, natural and authentic as possible. My goal is to bring the unique character of each people expresses portrayed.
The works of mine have been exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Goslar, bath Lautenberg relaxed Sunday, Vienenburg, Bad Harzburg and many other places in the Harz region. In addition, I participate regularly with my latest artwork on the exhibitions "Witch Haunting" and "Genesis".

Here is a small summary of my career so far:
• 1980-1984: Visiting the Art School for gifted children
• 1984-1988: Studies in Art Education, and free painting at the Art-
University in Dushanbe, Degree: Diploma with distinction
• 1988-1993: private and public commissions: drawings and paintings
Design of greeting cards, postcards, illustrations for
Children's books, designer work: furniture, room, etc.
• 1993: Moved to Germany
• Since 1999: membership in various clubs Artist: "Kunsthof Vienenburg"
"Goslar artist initiative".
• Participation in the 2001-2002 "creative circle" of the Catholic Church in St. Benno
Goslar Jürgenohl. During this time, a series of oil paintings created with religious motifs.
• Since 2003: Head of private lessons for children and adults
• 2005-2006: painting of miniatures for Tin Figure Museum in Goslar
• 2006-2010: Active membership and participation in various art clubs
• 2010-2011: Instructor at the Art School and the KVHS Goslar Goslar
• Since 2012: Training in the use of graphics software for digital
Image editing and graphics creation with the programs Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, In Design (CS5, CS6)
• 08-09.2012: Internship as a media designer at the advertising agency "HC - Media" in
• 10.2012-02.2013: course and practical training as media designer for digital and print media
at Rudolf Reproflex Goslar GmbH & Co.KG
• Since 2013: member of the group of artists: "G 11"
If I could spark your interest and you like my presentation and perception of art and you are interested to buy a my works, please write to me.
I look forward to your call or your email!
I am pleased to receive your orders. If you have a portrait from a photo or a painting from an arbitrary template want, please contact me.
The contact information can be found at: http://www.svetlanas-galerie.de
I also draw on order. For this I just need a picture / photo of you that you send me by e-mail, you decide in which format and which technique is the artwork created. After receiving the order, I make this and end it by mail.
. . . sit down with me,
I'm looking forward to it. . .
Svetlana Schneide