Drawing and painting was my hobby since I can remember, with charcoal, ink, pencil, oil, tempera, watercolor. Even as a student, I completed a correspondence course for commercial art and illustration at the American Famous Artists School in Holland. In my job as an interior designer I have my interest in drawing can expand the space, but hardly painted free. Two decades, I've worked as a writer and journalist for design and architecture issues and discovered the means of expression letter I Intensify in a literature and writing workshop for six years. Except now and then I have to paint in that time totally neglected a few quick sketches. For this, I took my camera can carry anywhere, professionally and personally. For a year I have been drawing at night school at the Städel School Thomas Bayerle. Around 2006 I started again with intense drawing, and made me into workshops, painting classes and painting journeys on. First, I have drawn portraits that have fascinated me as a child, and then discovered the acrylic paint. It is easier for me to handle than oil paint. I'm so happy to translucent, multi-layered, soft but try much of current. What excites me the most in my paintings dealing with light and material structures to achieve a certain atmosphere, whether in nature., In a room or in the portrait
Light is particularly important for me with its brightness and its shadow. But I'm also fascinated by reflections, color effects, transparency, alienations. I want to paint images that go beyond the aesthetics and trigger the viewer something / she touches him. For me, painting is like meditation and music that completely absorbs me