Born in Schwerin on 12.03.1970

As long as I can remember - my passion is painting.

In preschool, I usually sat in a corner and painted or drew, instead of playing. Later in the school did not appeal to me, however, the art classes at the beginning of so much. I painted rather thing that came to mind, instead of given topics. Nevertheless, it abolished the Polish art teacher, Ms. Will, to give me this as a stimulus. It was in 1979 when I gave her my - handed flowers Still life - excepted the task. She recognized my talent and said to me: - Then you took a brush and "Very nice picture (I was a very different opinion) ... but the leaves and the flowers are in fact monochrome Look closely ?" knew one of my green leaves, using few strokes with a grain. "Now it's your turn! ... And do not forget the flowers " she said, still and gave me back my work. Of course I took her advice and saw with each stroke as my sunflowers began to live.

Through this event, I was finally convinced of the beauty of the colors and the technical possibilities of painting. The enthusiasm to experiment artistically and not just (from) to paint then would not let me go.

I visited many years teaching the optional "painting and drawing " at school and became winners of regional competitions characters. Of course there was always the teacher said, which encouraged me, and especially demanded.

Actually, by an artistic study was inevitable but there were two reasons that kept me from. First, there were the artistic penalties of the GDR, the prescribed subject matter and style and almost on the other hand, I coined another experience:

I came by chance in 1985 in a private viewing, actually a closed event but I was invited by the guitarist who made the musical accompaniment there. I particularly admired the masterful portraits, which technically and expressively - seemed out of reach for me. But hardly anyone besides me did this. The focus was more drawings as by children - stick figures on wrapping paper!

So I learned rather a technical profession and sought after military service as an engineer on. But in the end everything turned out differently, the turn, family, 2 children and a new sales occupation. Time for painting barely stayed. But the urge to paint was always present.

At the beginning of 2000, I finally put my millennium intent into action and began to paint intensively again. This was like a liberation, and I could not stop it.

For a new beginning I had consciously portraits and nudes made me because it in my opinion - a good basis for a restart in the painting. Man with his shades, his individuality, his glory, and not least its beauty just irritates it by its difficulty.

Beauty is relative! Sometimes it's the little weaknesses of a person that make him adorable and nice. Thus one finds for example, frequently in my paintings, deliberately painted eyes squinting or other defects and blemishes.

Since then, I am developing technically and self-taught.

My favorite subjects are still human portraits and illustrations in the style of realism. But through the use of unreal, sometimes gaudy colors I try to link to Modern reach. Partly this seems a bridge to the present day to realize how PopArt.

Unfortunately my parallel support of other artists through my internet galleries and projects displace the painting again zusehens.